Blog #9

This two hour season finale of Once Upon A Timeth was calleth’d Journey To The Past. This episode was defiantly not what I was expecting. When Hook and Emma wast suck’d into the timeth v’rtex and brought to since once Snow was on the run from the Evil Queen, I thought that was it f’r our h’roine and sidekick. Yet, as still, the marshall surpris’d me, adding twists and turns that I could’ve nev’r f’reseen. I was especially mov’d when emma watch’d h’r dam die, and when she cometh back Emma hugg’d h’r, but Snow didn’t react for that she didn’t wot who Emma was, gram’rcy to h’r disguise. This was a monumental pointeth in the episode for that this is when Emma decideth to bide in St’rybrooke. When Emma and Hook wend to the future with their ‘luggage’ thith’r’s still a few surprises in st’re, one of which broke my bosom. The second surpriseth, howev’r, fill’d me to excitement and joy, though it but last’d a few scenes. Elsa, from Disney’s Frozen, is coming to St’rybrooke! Will she be parlous, how will they p’rtray h’r charact’r? This season hath been a roll’r coast’r of emotions, I simply can’t tarry f’r season 4!

Blog #8

This week I read a historical fiction book for my history class. The book was Mary, Bloody Mary, written by Carolyn Meyer as part of the Young Royals series. It starts off with Mary being betrothed to the king of France when she is only 10 years of age.  The story continues to the banquet held for Mary and her betrothed, at this festival she realizes that the King, her father, fawns over one of her ladies-in-waiting: a Lady Anne Boleyn. The novel carries on to show Mary’s innocence and no matter what happens she will continue to dote upon her father.  Slowly Mary’s troubles about finding a suitable husband being to wane, as there is no evidence that anyone is searching for a suitor anymore. When the Princess is moved to a new castle, much to  her dismay, and separated from her mother, she reflects on the time that her father had crowned her Princess of Wales when she was nine, and how he had ceased his wrath whenever she was present. During this odious time a sequestered castle it became more and more evident that the king had fallen in love with Lady Anne, and was determine to divorce Queen Catherine of Aragon, Mary’s mother.  This would name Mary, the king’s only female progeny, an illegitimate child of the throne, making it impossible for her to be Queen. Over time it became clear that the king’s infatuation with Lady Anne was not going to disappear anytime soon, therefor the people of London could no longer flout this decision.

As, now Lady, Mary’s ranks began to lower, there were talks of a royal nuptial for the king and Queen Anne. Mary would entreat the king to see her mother, to be able to send her letters, as Mary knew of her mother’s decreasing health. There was never a reply. Lady Mary only ever received contact from her father when she was asked to give up her crown as the royal, new born baby, Elizabeth, was to be made the Princess of England, and the Princess of Wales, and that Mary was to be her nursemaid. Within months of being transferred to Hatfield, Mary received letters stating that the King had made a new church with him at the head, and under this church, his marriage to Queen Anne was legitimate and therefor any child they had was heir to the throne. Mary repeatedly refused to sign. As things got worse, Mary’s most loyal friends advised her that this decision be lamentable. When Mary’s died, rumored of poison, Mary realized that she was only mortal, and could be killed at any given moment. But as her ranks gradually improved she considered the fact that this might not happen yet.

When Anne could not produce the king with a son, it become clear that he was done with her and had moved on with his supposed mistress. Due to the fact that the king wanted to marry his new mistress, Anne and her theoretical lovers were all sentenced to death. Mary was told that Anne and prayed for her forgiveness during her nights in the tower. Mary thought she could never pardon her. Mary thought that all her troubles were over; he r enemy was dead after all. But in the years to come she would gain a new foe, her sister: Elizabeth I.

I think that Mary, Bloody Mary was well written and I’m glad that at the end of the book the author informed the reader of any fictionalized parts.

Dote: love dearly

Wane: decrease in vigor, become weaker

Wrath: extreme anger

Odious: extremely horrible

Progeny: descendant

Flout: openly mock

Nuptial: wedding

Entreat: ask someone anxiously

Lamentable: leading to circumstances that are very bad

Mortal: subject of death, a living human being

Blog #7

The clouds darken as the oncoming storm approaches

Thunder roars through the heavens, shaking the earth

Mortals watch on, only beginning to grasp the true meaning of life

Birds fly south, trying to escape us

Nice try

No one will, nor can, not this time

Then Silence

Suddenly its over, the darkness swallowed and replaced by sunshine

I try to flee, but they’re on my like bees, swarming me

Taking deep breaths I open my eyes

I escaped my fear landscape

Roars- personification

S- Alliteration

Flee/Bees – Rhyme  

Like – Simile 


Blog #5

Monday’s episode of the Fosters was the season finale. All of my favorite shows are ending for this season! Stef finds out that Brandon bribed Anna so that Mike, his Dad, wouldn’t go to jail. Worse still, Anna, the witch, confronted Stef and demanded $10,000 for her silence. Mike and Dani got into a fight, and thank God, they’re over. I really hated her for manipulating Brandon into talking to Callie, and making things worse. Meanwhile Zach’s mom is getting worse. She’s forgetting who Zach is, and Mariana is scared for him. He said that this is why he didn’t want to initially date, he needs to protect his mom. To which Mariana responds, and I need to protect you. I, personally, am really glad that they got together. Zariana forever! Moving on to the next scene, Jesus informs Marianna that Emma thinks he’s a jerk. At this point Marianna has to agree, ever since Jesus got off his meds, he hasn’t been brother material. Due to this he decides it’s best if he goes back on his medication. When he tells this to Emma, they kiss. Yay Jemma! Meanwhile Jude gets a phone call from Maddie asking him out to a movie, which he eventually says yes to when Connor shows an interest in Maddie. I didn’t really understand when Lena told Jude that it’s natural for someone to be jealous when their best friend likes someone, shouldn’t you be happy for them? Anyways, Lena is trying to get Timothy to sign the contract when he starts to get doubts. This leads him to take back his offer on being the doner. I think that he could’ve just changed the contract to fit his needs. He wanted the child to know that he was the father, and I think that makes sense, so Stef and Lena would’ve just had to live with that change. Stef finally voices her objections on Lena having a baby which causes hostility between them. Callie proves that she is totally over Brandon, thank god. I really want her and Wyatt to get back together. Consequently Brandon gets drunk, and him and Dani kiss. Really woman? You date his father and now you go for his under aged son? In the morning Brandon wakes up to find his dad gone and multiple voice mails. Brandon calls Dani (WHY NOT TRY YOUR MOM?) and asks her to help look for him. Dani eventually finds Mike passed out with blood on his hands….Zach tells Marianna that his mom is getting worse. She forgot who he was, and hit him. Marianna persuades him to call his Dad for help. Sadly this means that Zach is moving to Arizona, so we won’t be seeing too much of him :(. Now for something you didn’t expect, when Stef went to give Ana the money, she was gone. Maybe Ana was the one the Mike, Brandon’s Dad, beat up? I hope he didn’t seriously hurt her, because she’ll totally press charges. The Foster family gathers at the courthouse to make Jude’s and Callie’s adoption final. Here they find out that Callie’s birth certificate states that Donald is not her father, it’s actually Robert Quinn. How could her parents keep that from her? It seems like everyone’s out to get her. In the closing scene we see Brandon emerging from his car when Vico and a partner come out of the shadows and beat him up. They break his hand, preventing Brandon from playing piano. I really can’t image what the next episode will be like. June 16th better come fast!


Blog #4

The season four finale of Pretty Little LiarsA is for Answers, starts off with Noel taking the girls to Ali. After their reconciliation the show continues on with Rosewood police raiding the Hastings home. At this moment Melissa decides to make a surprise visit, which we later learn is because of Spencer’s relapse. Meanwhile the liars tell Ali that they think her mother is A, to which Ali is not surprised. She states that if they don’t attest who A is tonight, she will be obliged to disappear for good.  Simultaneously Cece is in holding, and informs Detective Hoolbrooke that she knows who killed ‘that girl’ and is still after Allison . As if she could see the doubt in the detective’s eyes, she claims that she can prove that Ali is, in fact, alive.  Back with the girls, Alison starts to recap the calamities that happened ‘that summer’. She begins with her vacation with Ian at the hotel. Melissa barges in to confront Ian about seeing Ali. They exchange words, and Ali adjudicates to sneak out. But first copies all of Ian’s ‘home videos’ onto a USB. When Ian returns, he sees the missing USB, and envisages that she is gone, leaving only the curtains billowing in the wind. Ali meets with Jenna and persuades her to leave Rosewood. As leaving Jenna’s house Ali receives a threatening text from A therefore crossing Jenna off her suspect list.  In present day, the detectives show Mrs. Hasting a photo of her daughter and her friends at Halloween, reveling that Ali is alive. Next they proceed to bring Mrs. Hastings and Melissa to the station. Continuing on Ali revision, A proves that if she wants to kill Ali, she can. Consequently Ali decides to meet up with her friends as planned. But before she can leave, her mother spots her, and tells Ali to stay in. Ali tries to reason with her, but her mother is preoccupied with a phone call, and this rose questions to me as she seemed really engrossed in the conversation. As a result of this interest Ali is able to seek out of the house, but not before stealing a few sleeping pills. After sending her friends into a silent slumber, she went to meet Ian at the kissing rock. She is interrupted by a spontaneous visit from Ezra. He accosts her about her lies, and tells her that they won’t be seeing each other again.  Back to the present, the Hastings are being question without the others consent. Ali continues in her story and explains that Spencer couldn’t have killed the other girl, as she was asleep. Allison says that she went home thinking that she won, until she saw her mother in the window, and was hit over the head with a rock. This tells the girls that Mrs.D knows who A is, and is protecting A. As a result of this information, there’s a plot twist. The story is snapped back to reality when the girls hear banging. It’s A. They rush up the fire escape; to the roof, with A in pursuit. Huddled together, the girls watch as the door creaks open, only to reveal Ezra. He struggles with A, and the gun falls. Hanna is the first to grab it, yelling at A to take off their mask. But at the last moment A leaps to the next building. Defeated, Aria rushes to Ezra. She is met by his blood gushing out of a bullet wound. The girls holler for help, and as the episode ends, you can hear distant sirens.


cool hanna

Reconciliation: the act of 

Obliged: to be required

Attest: to give proof or evidence of 

Adjudicates: to settle or determine 

Envisages: to contemplate or visualize 

Engrossed: to occupy completely 

Accosts: confronts

Consent: approval or agreement 

Definitions found at


Blog #3

Aria and Riley

This week the Pretty Little Liars episode was called Cover For Me. The last episode left viewers confused and begging for more. But questioning their sanity and Spencer’s as she had taken more amphetamines.  Consequently losing her parents trust, going to rehab, and possibly losing Toby. After she gets back from her three day rehabilitation her parents decide to confiscate her electronics, don’t let her go to school, and provided Spencer with a, needless to say, attractive counselor, Dean. At first Spencer is reluctant to have this help, but once she realizes that this process could help her remember what happened the night Ali died, she gives in.

Meanwhile Aria is off having ‘college tours’ with ‘her dad’, when she is actually living it up with Riley, the striking musician, who’s actually her age. Later, when Riley gave Aria a “Beat up a jerk” card, I was hoping it wouldn’t be the last we’d see of him. I think this card, and the trip, gave Aria exactly what she needed, because upon her arrival at Rosewood, she went straight for Ezra’s apartment. She told him that he has to leave town. For good. At that point my friends and I loved the new Aria; her attitude, sass, even her new potential boyfriend.

However Aria wasn’t the only one giving Ezra grief; Emily had joined the party. Conveniently Emily had Mr. Fitz’s class that day, but instead of attending she simply handed him the paper, and stated ‘make sure a real teacher sees this.’ It’s great to see the multiple sides of Mrs. Field’s personality.  Afterwards Emily finds Mona to talk to her about Mike and Ezra. Mona admits to helping Ezra, claiming that she did it to get her felonies deleted from Ezra’s book. She also said that she dated Mike to get close to Aria, but when Mona started to have real feelings for him she broke it off to keep Mike out of their mess.

Eventually all the lairs: Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily, meet up at Emily’s house as a response to Aria’s S.O.S. Aria says that she was reading Ezra’s manuscript, and he thinks that Mrs. DiLaurentis, Ali’s mother, is A. Hanna had previously seen Mrs. D being talked to by Detective Holbrooke and his partner. Also the night before Spencer had found dirt in her bed along with a note from A, and later the next day Mrs. DiLaurentis made a comment about clean bed sheets. This all points them, and us, in the same direction as the Ezra. Mrs. D might be A. But what if they’re wrong? How can we be sure we have all the perspectives?

Blog #2

This weeks episode of The Fosters, titled Kids in the Hall, started off by recapping events of the previous show. As you soon find out, Brandon is still continuing to make fake IDs with his buddy Vico, which he tries out at a local bar. Here he sees his father’s recently obtained girlfriend. Which raises the question of if she ever was sober, or if she’s falling off the wagon? Simultaneously Stef and Lena are searching for the perfect man to be the father of their baby. What Stef does not know is that Lena already has a candidate in mind, someone they know, not an anonymous profile, but a smart, funny coworker.  Stef invites Dani and her ex-husband over for dinner to test if Dani is step-mother material for her son, Lena also invites her candidate, Timothy, over. All throughout dinner Stef is trying to make Dani look bad, Lena’s directing all the conversation to Timothy, and meanwhile Brandon is suspicious of Dani since seeing her at the bar. How are they going to end this fight for attention? Later on Emma shows that she cannot contain her feelings for Jesus, and nor can he. Both Emma and Jesus come to the conclusion that they do not want to be cheaters, and so Jesus must break things off with Lexi.

Continuing in the show, the principal of Anchor Beach states that Callie’s parole officer wants Callie to prove that she ‘wants to be part of this community’; that Callie needs to be part of an extra-curricular activity to make ‘roots’. After Daphnie tells Callie how her photography helped Kiara get a foster family, she decides to talk to her parole officer about taking photos for foster kids in the community to help them get adopted.

After the photo-shoot Callie is informed that something was stolen from the school. Her first suspect is Daphnie because she was the only one who borrowed the keys. When she confronts Daphnie, she resents the accusation, and tells Callie to ask Brandon what he was doing lurking the halls. Brandon states that he wasn’t even at school that night, but in the intense last minutes of the show, Callie finds that he was there. Will she confront Brandon and defend Daphine? Or will she hide the truth? Guess we’ll find out in next weeks episode…

Blog #1

Frozen is the new kid on the block for Disney movies.  Like most animation movies, it’s aimed at the younger age group, but personally I find that anyone, any age, would enjoy this phenomenal film. It starts out by showing us the ice pickers of Arendale singing their working song, much like the seven dwarfs, and you are moderately introduced to Kristoff and Sven. The flick then continues on to show us the two young princesses of this realm. The younger one, Anna, wakes up her elder sister, Elsa, querying if she wanted to build a snowman.  They rush down to the ball room where Elsa shows off her prodigious magic, after a momentous juncture there is a tragic twist of events, and Elsa finds herself in an unfavorable state.  After a salient visit to the trolls, Elsa confines herself in her room, following her father’s orders, and grows up in solitude. The girls’ relationship is severely damaged, and to make matters worse the King and Queen shut the castle, preventing anyone from coming in and finding Elsa’s secret. When Elsa turns 18 the coronation is held, and when Anna sparks feeling for a visiting prince it creates problems with Elsa, and this eventually leads her to fortuitously divulge her powers. The plot then continues to follow Anna as she dives into an adventure to save her sister, and reinstate their kingdom. Frozen is an amazing tale of sisterly love that teaches young woman to support and encourage each other through difficult times. This story shows us that we should embrace our true selves as good will come of it, and where some people might mind, the people who matter most to you won’t.  Whether you enjoy basic Disney movies or not, this is a must see.


Phenomenal: very remarkable; extraordinary

Moderately: to a certain extent

Flick: motion picture

Realm: kingdom        

Querying: asking a question

Prodigious: remarkably or impressively great in extent

Momentous: an event of great importance or significance

Salient: of most importance

Fortuitously: accidently

Divulge: reveal  


Some definitions found at: